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Physician on a Mission

Dr. Sheila Nazarian is a highly acclaimed, board-certified plastic surgeon, dynamic keynote speaker, renowned television personality, and activist.  An inspiring Iranian immigrant, she built her businesses from the ground up and is now a leading figure and expert in plastic surgery and as a successful entrepreneur.  

Founding several successful ventures, Dr. Nazarian's entrepreneurial spirit knows no bounds. Based in Beverly Hills, Dr. Nazarian established her private practice Nazarian Plastic Surgery and Spa26, and the Nazarian Institute, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and educating entrepreneurs, whereby industry leaders share invaluable insights on branding, innovation, and growth, inspiring others to ThinkBIG!  Additionally, Dr. Nazarian created The Skin Spot, an e-commerce platform offering medical-grade skincare and wellness products, as well as her own luxury medical-grade skincare line, NAZARIANSKIN.

Dr. Nazarian's star soared with her role in the Emmy-nominated Netflix series "Skin Decision." She has appeared on numerous shows, including Counsel Culture with Nick Cannon, E! News, Newsweek, The Doctors, PragerU, Inside Edition, Newsmax, NewsNation, Fox News, and The Real.

With a social media following exceeding 1.7 million, Dr. Nazarian utilizes her platforms to share her personal and professional journey as an immigrant, business insights, and her knowledge as medical expert on the latest innovations within the plastic surgery and beauty industries.  Dr. Nazarian lives in Los Angeles with her husband  Dr. Fardad Mobin, a neurosurgeon, their three children, and their adorable rescue dog, Teddy.

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